Grunge Look Book

Using the fake leather- All of these outfits have a main piece to them. Use of the leather creates a sharpened,boxy,harder under-toned look, that tops off the Grunge Look Book completely. How did we get these individual looks?

-Ladies Looks-

This season get the perfect grunge look,to match the grizzly weather. The contrast of black and white adds that daring yet still simplistic touch to the look whilst still allowing for a daring eye shadow and a natural lip. Use a black,white and silver eye shadow pallet going right up to the brow line and enhancing the corner of your eye with the white, intensifying further with strong eyeliner. Have bold ,slightly daring eyebrow colour and shape, but pair this with a neutral ,pale lip base of beige or light pink.

Alternatively you could go for this daring clash of colours to pull of the ultimate grunge outfit. The daring red skirt, contrasting with the basic black under layer and the purple lipsticks adds a burst of power yet still maintains sophistication. For this outfit use dramatic lips to be the contrasting colour with the red, or if preferred using a red colour to enhance the main outfit feature would also create the look you’re going for.

-Guys Grunge-

Guys for the ultimate grunge look make it look like you simply do not care! The untucked shirt, the slightly messed up hair with the fringe looming over your forehead slightly. Oh and guys, go basic! Use the good ol’ contrast of black and white to get the look you so crave. This look is simplistic yet highly effective, maintaining power and mystery whilst still holding an element of casual wear.

Hoping this was helpful, Much Love, Lunatics and Lipsticks x

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