Cute lil’ Scrapbook

So I messed around and captured a few intricate Colours working in harmony for this Lil’ scrapbook of an article. Click on each section of beauties to see the captions.

She is such a gorgeous bee 🙂


Flowerrsss… I’m obsessed,I know!


This thriving lil’ pup.


Hope you liked this unplanned completely random selection 🙂

Much Love xox


Complexity hiding amongst simplicity

There is something I simply adore about the simplicity of; just stepping out of the house, hearing your feet crunch on the crispy grass coated with a layer of pure ice, breathing in the fresh morning air and exhaling as it spirals around your body and just setting off not exactly sure where your legs will take you or what you will find. But this odd beauty I find the most therapeutic of all, taking my camera and just walking in to nature with appreciation and love.

Jumping up…


Splashing down…


Is it just me that finds action shots very satisfying? Capturing a movement in a still photo, particularly a simplistic one that people don’t tend to think twice about. Lets be honest we are all guilty at jumping in a couple of puddles, the suspense of running up jumping as high as you can then springing down and landing with a gigantic SPLASH…guilty! Its a simple action, but if we think back into the timeline of the origins of water and its necessity to life, how that water got to that puddle through the water cycle, is it really as simple as we may first see? Just because something doesn’t directly affect us as a species, just because we haven’t invented it , and it was there long before our existence doesn’t make it not a complex occurrence, it is of course a wondrous repetitive thing, not to be overlooked.

The Sun and Light


It is hard to capture the glory of the sun due to its intense brightness, we all are taught we should never look at the sun directly in the eye. But this photo,for me, captures what the sun gives us as a gift everyday, life. Not just in the form of animals such as ourselves, but plants, crops to feed us. Without the Sun the process of photosynthesis could not occur after all.  So thus I give to you The Sun, Mother of all life.

Obsessed with Puddles


Photos like these always make me laugh no matter if they were taken by a complete an utter amateur like me, or the best photographer in the world, because although these photos look interesting and capture what the photographer wanted to show in the photo, the true reality is that that person was squatting by a muddy puddle for some time, whilst many people walked past giving the oddest looks and all to try to capture it to not just be a muddy puddle. But what I admire about these types of photos is someone saw the potential within the simplicity to even bother.  With that I will just leave you with this image, reminding you to look closer and not just see things as, ‘just a muddy puddle’.

Anyone would think I love wasting hours of my time taking detailed photographs of flowers that no one really cares about…well I kinda do.


Just look at the pollen almost balancing on the very tip, each petals uniqueness astounds me, then again I guess if you’d stood there trying to take this photograph for a good half an hour you’d be appreciating flowers individuality more too. The thing of the matter is that flowers are quite more complex than people realize. The biological view on a plant shows plants to not be as simplistic as what we might first think, it only shows to me that there are two sides to every life, aesthetically and biologically speaking, complexity hides with in the simplest of life derivations.

The Season of the Snowdrop

Imperfection is realistic beauty within all things.


A Philosophical outlook 


My on going studying of the philosophical perspective on the world opens up my mind to see and challenge things in different lights. Honestly, I am not the  most religious of people but I am intrigued into the culture of all religions and understanding them as much as I can, but saying that, there are some teachings with in religions which I find make me pause and think at things such as these rocks above. Within the religion of Christianity you can find the teleological argument which is otherwise known as the design argument, It was founded by a guy named William Paley, and although you may not empathize with the religious side of the argument, you may find the argument influential to your perspective on ‘simplicity’.

The argument is based around the idea that if you were to walk along a hillside and stumble over a watch, you would know that that watch had a creator, it wasn’t just always there. Paley then continues to say if you were to stumble over a rock or a stone in a similar circumstance, you wouldn’t think anything of it and you would assume it had always been there. The argument finishes to conclude that the rock must have a means of being created. (Well at least that’s the very condensed version of the argument.)

But It does make me contemplate things that I have addressed in this article, water,mud,rocks,life. They weren’t always here, which ever theory you believe they were created and made, no wonder their are so many opinionated perspectives on which is right, I have respect for all because how can we possibly know. But what it does teach me is one thing. We appreciate technology such as watches, and if we were to stumble over one and break it we would think of it as such a shame. But If you apply the same situation to nature we have a completely different approach to it, probably be to check you were okay and continue walking, and that my friends is the concept I find very interesting.


If you’re still reading to this point then I am amazed at your patience with my never ending wondrous mind, following tangent after tangent of my thinking processes. I honestly never know what I am going to write until my hands meet the keyboard, I look back and think what did I just write about? Thank you very much for reading and not giving up on me after the first paragraph!

Sending much love to all 🙂



Contemplation of Beauty.

Every morning we heave ourselves out of our warm marshmallows , having pressed snooze about 20 times , then slowly plod through our morning routine, before stumbling out the door in a rush, and doing an odd half walk, half run to wherever the day is taking us. But amongst all the mornings hussle and bussle we forget to truly appreciate the astounding intricate world that surrounds us with bewilderment.

The truth is we have all been guilty within our life span of ignoring something that would seem truly amazing to us if we stopped and contemplated it for more than just a second. But instead we plod past the flowers on the window sill, we stumble over the varieties of pebbles on the doorstep and we half walk , half run passed all the nature that greets us without a doubt every morning. Its the type of thing that it would only be noticeable to us if it suddenly was ripped from us. The thing is all of us, again, are part of the blameworthy list that forget to fully appreciate things until we are forced too when they’re no longer in front of us anymore. But how can we ignore nature, it is the basis of an argument for the belief of a whole religion, and yet believers of the faith through the teleological argument, even them, themselves may be guilty of forgetting the true enchantment that we are surrounded by, without Nature humanity would seize to exist…no one can argue nature is not important to the survival of humanity, so how can we , ourselves take it so much for granted?

So today my friends I am relieving myself of my guilt , and taking a step back, in hind sight to acknowledge what my forgetfulness and my lack of thoughtfulness has shuttered from my very eyes, with me willingly lowering my eyelids.

DSC_0412 Until I spent about half an hour sitting by the side of the river attempting to get this marvelous shot , I had never realized how much detail and variety each flower had, their imperfections and differences is what astounds me about them. When showing this photo to a friend, they proceeded to tell me, “It looks like something you’d have as a desktop background.” I took that as a compliment to my photography skills, until later when I contemplated, it was not my photography skills, but merely the pure factor I had taken the time to capture the pure uniqueness of the flowers. They are there all the time, It is not my photography skills that ‘captured’ them, how can you capture something that was never running? My photography simply acknowledged. I then elongated my thought process thinking about does using photos like this within the technological world help us appreciate them or restrict us so, by informing us of what they look like through an image, does this not cause us to not bother to need to see it in person? We would not apply this logic to other people, or other places in the world, but somehow our mind applies this theory logically to nature. Just look at each individual petal, do they ‘all look the same’…?

edited 1 Reflection. We know why it happens and how. But do we stop to look at it. Ask yourself, Do we spend too long wanting to know why things are there and how they do things, and not long enough just appreciating what created the questions to begin with?

edited 21 Do we only see the beauty of colours when everything else is in black and white?


Perception is a confuddling thing (making up my own language since 1999, for the win)

Which image makes the most sense to you?

gfd Is humanity the colour amongst nature, or Nature the colour amongst humanity?

fi  Of course perception is not normally a precise one or the other answer, so just to satisfy those unsure, let me make it ever so slightly more confusing… khnj Okay , I’m done making you contemplate your perception of colour.


 Lets finish with some beauty through uniqueness as I previously bored you with at the earlier stages of this article.

bvj Purely because I adore the colours of Autumn leaves in bulk, I leave you with this image.

Thank you for taking the time to follow my thinking processes across this journey of reflection, and I do hope at times you joined me in my hypnotizing trance of bewilderment.

Much Love and compassion to all 🙂