Contemplation of Beauty.

Every morning we heave ourselves out of our warm marshmallows , having pressed snooze about 20 times , then slowly plod through our morning routine, before stumbling out the door in a rush, and doing an odd half walk, half run to wherever the day is taking us. But amongst all the mornings hussle and bussle we forget to truly appreciate the astounding intricate world that surrounds us with bewilderment.

The truth is we have all been guilty within our life span of ignoring something that would seem truly amazing to us if we stopped and contemplated it for more than just a second. But instead we plod past the flowers on the window sill, we stumble over the varieties of pebbles on the doorstep and we half walk , half run passed all the nature that greets us without a doubt every morning. Its the type of thing that it would only be noticeable to us if it suddenly was ripped from us. The thing is all of us, again, are part of the blameworthy list that forget to fully appreciate things until we are forced too when they’re no longer in front of us anymore. But how can we ignore nature, it is the basis of an argument for the belief of a whole religion, and yet believers of the faith through the teleological argument, even them, themselves may be guilty of forgetting the true enchantment that we are surrounded by, without Nature humanity would seize to exist…no one can argue nature is not important to the survival of humanity, so how can we , ourselves take it so much for granted?

So today my friends I am relieving myself of my guilt , and taking a step back, in hind sight to acknowledge what my forgetfulness and my lack of thoughtfulness has shuttered from my very eyes, with me willingly lowering my eyelids.

DSC_0412 Until I spent about half an hour sitting by the side of the river attempting to get this marvelous shot , I had never realized how much detail and variety each flower had, their imperfections and differences is what astounds me about them. When showing this photo to a friend, they proceeded to tell me, “It looks like something you’d have as a desktop background.” I took that as a compliment to my photography skills, until later when I contemplated, it was not my photography skills, but merely the pure factor I had taken the time to capture the pure uniqueness of the flowers. They are there all the time, It is not my photography skills that ‘captured’ them, how can you capture something that was never running? My photography simply acknowledged. I then elongated my thought process thinking about does using photos like this within the technological world help us appreciate them or restrict us so, by informing us of what they look like through an image, does this not cause us to not bother to need to see it in person? We would not apply this logic to other people, or other places in the world, but somehow our mind applies this theory logically to nature. Just look at each individual petal, do they ‘all look the same’…?

edited 1 Reflection. We know why it happens and how. But do we stop to look at it. Ask yourself, Do we spend too long wanting to know why things are there and how they do things, and not long enough just appreciating what created the questions to begin with?

edited 21 Do we only see the beauty of colours when everything else is in black and white?


Perception is a confuddling thing (making up my own language since 1999, for the win)

Which image makes the most sense to you?

gfd Is humanity the colour amongst nature, or Nature the colour amongst humanity?

fi  Of course perception is not normally a precise one or the other answer, so just to satisfy those unsure, let me make it ever so slightly more confusing… khnj Okay , I’m done making you contemplate your perception of colour.


 Lets finish with some beauty through uniqueness as I previously bored you with at the earlier stages of this article.

bvj Purely because I adore the colours of Autumn leaves in bulk, I leave you with this image.

Thank you for taking the time to follow my thinking processes across this journey of reflection, and I do hope at times you joined me in my hypnotizing trance of bewilderment.

Much Love and compassion to all 🙂