Knitwear Look Book

So I don’t know about you but where I am its getting to that time of year when all i want to do is wrap up warm and stay by the fire with a hot cocoa. And when the cold hits, there is no other alternative then to escape to the woolly-pulley your Grandma knitted you three Christmas’ ago, you know the one, where one of the sleeves is slightly bigger than the other and Santa looks psychotic with one pupil disproportionate to the other. If you aren’t following me, then honestly its a blessing to you. Yes, we all have that awful Christmas jumper, that we are almost guilt tripped into wearing for five minutes every year, to be in the “Christmas Spirit”. Well my friends, lets say a fine farewell to those itchy Christmas disasters and start again, embracing the knitwear appearance. So this my fellow Winter Jumper sufferers is how to escape Rudolph’s bright Red nose resting on your belly this Winter!

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Pick a plain coloured simplistic knitted jumper, then layer with enhancing cosy accessories! We have gone for a chilling Navy blue jumper accompanied by a warming plumb colour to contrast and neutralize each other out. We have chose a feature patterned piece of a tartan scarf and picked out the two main colour’s for the hat and scarf. By applying block colouring to the hat and jumper we enhanced the colour’s on the scarf bringing the whole look together.


 Wear your hair how YOU want! This look is about warmth and comfort liaising with looking socially acceptable, which is something we all battle with, even if we don’t care to admit it, but no one can stand in front of me and tell me that they have never experienced getting up on a very cold winter morning , in which they have already struggled to get out of bed, and looked into the mirror wondering if your onesie is socially acceptable to go out in, then decided upon the disheartening truth that it isn’t before debating calling in sick and spending the day in bed. So where that hair how in the hell you want, plait it, pony it, let it all down, that’s your choice and touch of individuality to this look! We have casually and loosely plaited the hair to the side for a naturalistic style.



I don’t think we have ever made it more simple for you! We have used a gorgeous ‘Aztec’ patterned jumper as our main feature and contrasted it with the touch of purple in the gloves and the thin grey scarf loosely swung around the neck. We have paired the jumper and accessories with counterbalancing navy chino styled trousers. Hair is naturally styled just as with the Ladies look, so there is your opportunity to own your look.



Love the winter warmth of the winter boots my friends, any excuse to put your feet in such comfort, lay the heels to the side for the day and reward your feet with the time lasting favourite.

Embrace this playful, cheery look and don’t let the chill weather ruin your style… or give you hypothermia.



Grunge Look Book

Using the fake leather- All of these outfits have a main piece to them. Use of the leather creates a sharpened,boxy,harder under-toned look, that tops off the Grunge Look Book completely. How did we get these individual looks?

-Ladies Looks-

This season get the perfect grunge look,to match the grizzly weather. The contrast of black and white adds that daring yet still simplistic touch to the look whilst still allowing for a daring eye shadow and a natural lip. Use a black,white and silver eye shadow pallet going right up to the brow line and enhancing the corner of your eye with the white, intensifying further with strong eyeliner. Have bold ,slightly daring eyebrow colour and shape, but pair this with a neutral ,pale lip base of beige or light pink.

Alternatively you could go for this daring clash of colours to pull of the ultimate grunge outfit. The daring red skirt, contrasting with the basic black under layer and the purple lipsticks adds a burst of power yet still maintains sophistication. For this outfit use dramatic lips to be the contrasting colour with the red, or if preferred using a red colour to enhance the main outfit feature would also create the look you’re going for.

-Guys Grunge-

Guys for the ultimate grunge look make it look like you simply do not care! The untucked shirt, the slightly messed up hair with the fringe looming over your forehead slightly. Oh and guys, go basic! Use the good ol’ contrast of black and white to get the look you so crave. This look is simplistic yet highly effective, maintaining power and mystery whilst still holding an element of casual wear.

Hoping this was helpful, Much Love, Lunatics and Lipsticks x

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Autumn Look Book

Amber,gold and red leaves falling from the trees, stepping into warm coffee shops on cold,windy days, chocolate and sweet treats on Halloween…Autumn is here!

Cropped Shirt- Topshop Vest-Topshop Skirt-Primark Tights-H&M Shoes- Stead &Simpson

My favourite thing about Autumn Fashion is the opportunity to layer clothing. Adding tights or a jacket to your outfit means you can stay warm whilst still looking stylish.

Scarves are an Autumnal essential! Not only to protect your hair if you’ve spent an hour straightening it just to step out into what seems like 60mph winds, ┬ábut to keep you warm, and add a bit of colour to your outfit.

The Autumn colours that stay in fashion annually are based around natures colour scheme: reds,oranges and dark greens.

For Makeup, it’s time to dig out the dark reds,berries and purples. Some recommendations include Sleek’s matte lipstick in “Dare” or “Mulberry”
If a dark matte lipstick sounds a little unnerving, start simple with a berry lipgloss colour such as Rimmels Apocalips Lip Lacquer in “Galaxy” or a matte browned-red such as MUA’s matte lipstick in “Fawn Fancy”

“Don’t Strike A Pose”


On our Lagoon walk we came across a small bridge in a particularly beautiful part of the Trail


“Just act natural and walk across it”. Izzy’s advice from last summer still helps me Today. The more natural you look in photos, the more comfortable,realistic and beautiful they tend to become. 

This is the first tip I have to share for taking photos with people in them or of yourself: relax and don’t try too hard. Some of my favourite photos are when I have caught people in the middle of laughing, or messing with their hair. I think this is because these are everyday habits  you don’t notice, but I think they are the moments people are at their most carefree and beautiful.

Catching a moment of true happiness and laughter in a single photograph taken at just the right time definitely beats the posed selfie.